Corry's crazy credit card ride

We all know you have to be a little bit crazy to take on Peaks Challenge Falls Creek ... but what about riding a 1,200 kilometre warm up the week of the 235 kilometre loop through the Victorian Alps?

That is exactly what Evan Corry from Corry Cycles and his troop of mates did before this year's Peaks Challenge Falls Creek – with nothing but one saddle bag, a pair of thongs and a credit card each.


Labelled "The Credit Card Ride", the six riders took off from under Sydney Harbour Bridge on 1 March and rode 225 kilometres to Culburra Beach before calling it a night. They proceeded to do this for the next 5 days until arriving at Falls Creek on 6 March, just in time to ride one of the most gruelling one-day bike challenges on the calendar the next day.

Did we mention they didn't book any accommodation along the way? Another stipulation of the adventure. 

When we asked Evan if he had any trouble finding accommodation, he said: "Braidwood was a challenge with every option booked out, but a few beers with locals had it all sorted and we stayed at a lovely lady's house who was a friend of a friend of someone at the pub that afternoon. It always seemed to work out ... despite a few nervous moments."

He told us he has done a few of these rides before, including a lap of Tassie, Auckland to Queenstown, Hawaii and others. 

"We had previously ridden this route back in 2014 through to Melbourne. The Corryong to Omeo road is certainly the roughest/toughest and tested the Maxxis Refuse. A bloke on an excavator pulled us up and had a chat cause he thought he was hallucinating, and not possible for a road bike to get through there."

But these blokes proved impossible is nothing. Not only did Corry take on the infamous WTF Corner twice in two days, he also finished Peaks Challenge Falls Creek in under 9 hours.

"This was my third Peaks, but definitely the first one I've had trouble walking down the stairs before the ride! Legs were a mess going into the ride, but the body is pretty amazing and can adapt to anything with the right mindset," said Corry.

And they didn't miss an opportunity to team up with Camp Quality's 'Big Ride', managing to raise over $2000 for kids facing cancer, something they are extremely proud of. 

And they should be proud! Check out the details of the incredible ride below, including a video from each days riding (with some cracking soundtracks).

The Credit Card Ride

Day 1 - Sydney to Culburra beach 225km 1920m | Strava | Vimeo

Day 2 - Culburra beach to Braidwood 145km (40km dirt) 1370m | Strava | Vimeo

Day 3 - Braidwood to Jindabyne 200km (60km dirt) 1830m | Strava | Vimeo

Day 4 - Jindabyne to Corryong 145km 2360m | Strava | Vimeo

Day 5- Corryong to Omeo 145k (80km dirt) 1700m | Strava | Vimeo

Day 6 - Omeo to Falls Creek 80km 1420m | Strava | Vimeo 

Day 7 - Peaks Challenge Falls Creek 235km 4500m | Strava 

Inspired by their efforts?

We have a epic adventure's of our own coming up, including the Newcrest Orange Challenge in September, United Energy Around the Bay in October and Great Vic Bike Ride in November. 

Whether you tack on your own credit card challenge in the lead-up is entirely up to you!

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