National Ride2School Day stats roll in

It's been one month since National Ride2School Day and we've tallied the stats from one of the first big bike parties held since coronavirus.

2020 was a year when many people discovered the joy of bike riding and that enthusiasm continued on, with more than 350,000 students around Australia participating in National Ride2School Day.

Those students were from 878 schools that registered for the day, 140 of which participated in the event for the first time. Overall, an active travel rate of 64 per cent was recorded, meaning almost 7 out of 10 students rode, walked, scooted or skated to school on the day.

As well as helping students arrive at the classroom with a smile on their dial, the human-powered trips were the carbon friendly equivalent of planting 200 trees.

While National Ride2School Day was a great bike celebration, it is important to make sure the wheels keep rolling all year round. Schools can continue to encourage students to ride and take regular HandsUp! counts to measure the growth in active travel.

An easy way to take HandsUp! counts is with the Ride2School app. The app lets you register for the Ride2School program, tally the number of active students and presents data in easy graphs.



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