Opal card to cover share bikes in Sydney

The NSW government is trialing a world first multi-modal transport incentive program that will allow Sydney commuters to pay for public transport, Uber, taxis and share bikes all with the one digital Opal card. 

Beginning mid-year and running until December, 10,000 Opal customers in the trial will be offered a $3 credit if they use public transport and at least one other mode within an hour. 

This includes Uber, Lime Bike, Ingogo Taxi or Many Fast Ferry rides. 

The trial aims specifically to incentivise less people to drive, with Transport Minister Andrew Constance highlighting "cross-pollinating platforms" as an important tactic to reduce traffic on Sydney roads. 

“We’re applying a discount for people to use public transport and leave their car at home, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s what we should be doing with tech,” Mr Constance said.

And that's good news for those who ride bikes, or are thinking of taking up commuting by bike in Sydney.

Aside from less traffic and more convenience, you could save up to 25 per cent off your public transport fare if you ride a participating share bike to or from your transit station.

Saving money; tick.

Reducing carbon emissions; tick.

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine; tick.

And the benefits could increase if the trial is successful. 

“We know how convenient using one card is and this is just the beginning. If the trial is successful we will look into rolling it out across the network and we’ll be inviting other providers to get on board too," said Mr Constance. 

Journeys will not need to be in a specific order and transfer between modes will need to occur within 60 minutes to receive the $3 Opal credit.

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