Canada announces national bike fund
Canada announces national bike fund

The Canadian Government has committed $415M for new bike paths, trails and footbridges across the country.

The investment is part of the countries plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

It is the first federal fund dedicated to building active transportation through Canada. 

The new $400-million fund is part of an eight-year, $14.9-billion public transit investment outlined by Prime Minister Trudeau. 

"It will support communities as they build vibrant neighborhoods where people can safely live, work and play,” the government says. 

"The fund will also help Canadians living in rural communities and places without active transportation options to unlock the potential in their communities.

"Canadians love using safe cycling paths and  trails to get around their towns and cities. It’s a great way to stay healthy, enjoy nature,  and connect to public transit, and it is good for the environment. 

"This investment will make it easier for more people to get around on foot, bikes, scooters, wheelchairs and e-bikes. This is the first national project of its kind in Canada.“

In addition to this new fund, Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, also launched stakeholder engagement for Canada’s first Active Transportation Strategy. 

The strategy will be informed by input from the public and key stakeholders including provinces, territories, municipalities, Indigenous communities and not-for-profit organizations and businesses and will help the federal government make smarter investment decisions to:

- Support the active transportation networks of the future; 
- Promote healthier, walkable communities that are environmentally sustainable and affordable; and
- Support better data collection to ensure measurable outcomes. 

McKenna said that with the launch of the fund for active transportation together with support for an Active Transportation Strategy, the path was set for more Canadians to choose cycling, rolling or walking as safe and enjoyable alternatives to motorized transport.

“Today is a great day in Canada for climate action, human health, and livable communities.  

"Today is the day we put active transportation networks within reach of every community.”

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