Scotchmans Trail Mount Waverly upgrade

Work will start soon on an upgrade along Scotchmans Creek Trail between Huntingdale Road and Kevin Street, Mount Waverley.

The existing narrow asphalt shared path in this area is no longer suitable for the number of users and does not meet current standards, the City of Monash says.

It is proposing to improve the path alignment and construct a 3.0m wide path to a similar standard as the recently completed section east of Kevin Street, which has been well received by people using the path.

This upgrade of Scotchmans Creek Trail is part of Council’s ongoing Walking and Cycling Strategy program to provide new 3m wide walking and cycling paths to meet the increasing demand for active transport facilities in Monash and improve safety and accessibility for shared path users.

The reconstructed path will come with associated line marking, signage and flush lighting studs embedded in the path to improve delineation.

Melbourne Water has approved the proposed alignment which will generally be located within its land.

Two trees will be required to be removed as part of the project.

Monash is in the process of finalising the design plans.

The works are expected to start in the next few weeks and be completed by 30 June 2021.

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