Know your risk - never ride through floodwater

Our thoughts are with our members and friends across NSW and parts of South East Queensland who are facing an extraordinary extreme weather event, which came with torrential rain, disastrous flooding, and evacuations.

The current severe wet weather conditions continue to threaten homes and affect public transport and roads across many parts of the state with further heavy falls expected. 

Many roads are closed due to flooding with buses replacing trains on some key train lines.

As a result, Transport for NSW are urging commuters to avoid unnecessary travel (particularly in flood affected areas) and work from home if possible and safe to do so.

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Never ride through floodwater 

While the temptation might be there, the NSW SES advises people to NEVER drive, ride or walk through floodwater and do not enter moving floodwater water.

If a road is flooded or a 'road closed' or a 'road flooded' sign is present, it is unsafe to travel on.

Find an alternative route which in most cases will mean turning around and going back the way you came.  

Floodwater can erode and wash away road surfaces leaving deep holes, undercurrents and uneven surfaces which cannot be seen. It will not resemble the road you know no matter how many times you’ve ridden it.

Please heed the advice of NSW SES and take care.