Helmet optional ride this Saturday

The Freestyle Cyclists annual helmet-optional group ride will be held in Melbourne this Saturday.

The Stop Fining Healthy Transport ride is held as part of Freestyle Cyclists campaign for Australia's mandatory bicycle helmet laws to be relaxed so people can choose if they wear a helmet while riding a bike.

The ride will be held entirely off-road on bike paths and shared trails, starting at the Capital City Trail in Carlton North and travelling to Abbotsford Convent.

Many participants will be riding sans helmet, but you can wear a helmet if you prefer and Freestyle Cyclists are happy for you to make the choice.

Those who have joined the Stop Fining Healthy Transport ride in previous years are encouraged to bring a friend and meet the welcoming Freestyle Cyclists community.

Stop Fining Healthy Transport 2021 ride

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In November 2018 Bicycle Network completed a review of mandatory bicycle helmet laws in Australia and recommended that rules be changed so people over 17 can choose if they wear a helmet when riding off-road. Click here to read more.