Causeway Bridge Perth
It's time to build a new bike bridge in Perth

The Western Australian state government has released an expression of interest to build the iconic new Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge across the Swan River. 

A key feature of the $1.5 billion Perth City Deal's CBD Transport Plan, the new bridge (announced late last year) has been celebrated by bike riders and pedestrians in the area and will play an important role in promoting active transport in Perth in the future.

The project will include two bridge sections, one connecting the City of Perth to Heirisson Island (140m) and another completing the path from the island to the Town of Victoria Park (250m).

The current Causeway has long been recognised as a thoroughfare for bike riders and pedestrians that can become uncomfortable and unsafe during peak hours. 

Build in 1952, the existing Causeway Bridge comprises of two motor vehicle lanes in each direction, with a narrow two metre wide path along the western side.

This creates a notorious bottlenecks for riders commuting to and from the CBD, on one of the busiest commuter routes – with an average of more than 1400 cyclists and 1900 pedestrians crossing each day.

The current Causeway bridge across the Swan River

The new bridge is proposed to be six metres wide, with dedicated pedestrian and bike riding lanes in both directions. Design elements being considered during the planning stage include tributes to prominent Aboriginal people from the area.

New causeway bridge perth
Artists impression of new Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge

State Member for Perth, John Carey, said the bridge would be a significant future tourism asset while delivering much needed cycling and walking infrastructure between Perth's CBD and Victoria Park.

"Great liveable cities around the world encourage cycling and walking: it encourages healthier communities, creates activated streets and builds vibrant neighbourhoods.

"The new Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge will deliver a safer, more connected crossing for all kinds of cyclists and pedestrians. It's a project that's been talked about for years so we're getting on with building it."

The bridge and associated paths will see an investment of $50 million and is expected to support local jobs. 

It is expected the contract for the bridge will be awarded later this year with construction to start in 2022.

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