An update on Peaks Challenge training rides

It’s been a very tough few days as we’ve come to grips with the loss of one of our much-loved riders after a tragic crash at a Peaks Challenge training ride on the Great Ocean Road last weekend.

During the time we have been providing support to everyone impacted, the compassion and selfless care from so many members of the Bicycle Network family has been extraordinary.

Of course, this support will be ongoing and we encourage anyone who would appreciate assistance to contact us as soon as possible.

A number of people have been asking about this weekend’s (and other upcoming) training rides. We’ve carefully reviewed our processes and plans and found nothing to suggest that training rides should not continue.

Without the training ride, we know that many riders will still ride anyway as they get those vital kilometres in the legs and ready for Peaks Challenge Falls Creek. As always, we’d like to see those riders do that with Bicycle Network’s support and advice, especially at a time when the community may need it most.

We know that all of you have been hurting this week and that we all process these feelings differently, so on Sunday we’ll be there to support each of you as well. The extended Bicycle Network team will be along the ride route just to show that at this time we all need to stick together and have each other’s back.

Of course, before we head out we will also take a moment to pay our respects to all those who were impacted by the events of last weekend.

We hope that our support on the day will provide some additional comfort, however, if you feel you’d rather not ride this weekend, that’s perfectly understandable too.

This Sunday's training ride is at capacity so we won't be able to take any new registrations, but if you would like to show your support you can share a message on social media.

Those who are already confirmed for the ride, we look forward to seeing you at the Warburton start location at 6:30am.