Gardiners Creek Toorak Road de-silting
Toorak Road underpass improvements

Silt deposits in the Gardiners Creek at Toorak Road are being removed in an attempt to prevent frequent and annoying flooding of the adjacent trail.

The Gardiners Creek Trail is one of Melbourne's busiest bike commuter routes, but is periodically disrupted when the creek rises and floods across the trail as it goes beneath Toorak Road.

Even when the water subsides the sandy silt residue left behind can get slippery when it dries out.

Kudos to Melbourne Water for making this effort and hopefully, with a better flow along the channel, the trail will become a more reliable connection to the city.

Traffic control is in place and bike riders and pedestrians will be able to utilise the path during the works.

There will be short periods where traffic controllers guide machines up and down the path to enable access into the area where silt has accumulated.

The Trail through the underpass has been of concern for years, and plans have been developed to make improvements, including safety upgrades.

Alas nothing has been done to date.

The recent level crossing removal nearby seemed the obvious opportunity, but it was not to be.

Cars held up by a passing train is seen as a problem, bikes finding a trail impassable by floods is not a problem, apparently.

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