ANCAP campaign highlights autonomous vehicle technology

A new advertising campaign has been launched showing how autonomous vehicle technology can take over control from drivers and avoid crashes with other people.

The campaign by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) uses real-life dashcam footage of near-miss and crash scenarios that can be avoided if cars have technology such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane support systems (LSS).

AEB kicks in when a vehicle detects a possible that the driver has not responded to and applies the brakes automatically. The car uses cameras and sensors and can detect if the person driving is on course to collide with someone riding a bike or walking and other obstacles.

LSS can detect when someone driving a car leaves the lane they should be driving in or goes off-course. LSS automatically changes the direction of travel of the car to stay on course.

AEB has has been attributed to a 27% reduction in fatal crashes, while LSS can reduce head-on and single-vehicle crashes by 30%.

Bicycle Network is a strong supporter of these technologies and campaigns for this technology to be mandatory in all new vehicles.

71% of all new vehicles sold are now fitted with a form of AEB as standard and 53% of new cars have LSS as standard.

Progress is being made, however not many Australians have new cars. It is estimated that just 7% of the 18 million light passenger vehicles registered on Australian roads have AEB.

A way to make sure more cars on Australian roads have automated technology that can stop crashes from happening is to show consumer demand.

While we all try to use bikes as much as possible, we also know that most Bicycle Network members also own cars. If you are in the market for a new car, ask car dealers for cars that have automated technology.

If you know someone who is buying a new car you recommend they insist on automated technology. If they aren't convinced, show them the ANCAP videos.

Watch the videos above, or read more on ANCAP's Let's re-write the ending webpage.

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