harley davidson serial 1 e-bikes
Harley unveil good-looking e-bikes

Harley Davidson has unveiled the first four models from their new e-bike spinoff company, Serial 1, named after their first ever motorcycle, the Serial Number One.

The motorcycle company has been in operation for over 100 years, and announced they would be entering the e-bike market last year – along with fellow iconic motorcycle companies Triumph and Ducati. 

Now they've released their first products, and as perhaps expected, they look great and cost plenty!

There are four models in debut lineup, all of which are pedal-assisted, ranging from about $4500 – $8000 and available to pre-order now, shipping to the United States and Germany by mid-2021.

The company describes their bikes as "premium, full-feature eBicycle designed for adventure-seeking adults ready for more-convenient and fun commutes, reduced riding effort and easier access to healthy lifestyles."

The MOSH/CTY is the most affordable in the range, starting at $3,399 USD (A$4,600) and is described as "the ultimate urban playbike". It has a 529Wh battery, a range of 30-90 miles and a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph (US)/25 kph (EU).

The RUSH/CTY range is a more sporty commuter bike with a 706Wh battery that promises to "bring adventure to errands, excitement to your commute, and more capability to any cycling situation."

Then there's a STEP-THRU version that has a step-through frame to "make it easy to get in the saddle without swinging a leg high over the seat, and to stand flat-footed over the bike at a stop."

You can learn more about the specs of each bike here.

No word yet on when these may be available to the Australian market.

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