Glen Huntly level crossing removals
Level crossing project to test bike commitment

The Glen Huntly level crossing removals present an ideal opportunity for the state government to honour its obligations to include essential bike infrastructure within major transport projects.

Two level crossings are to be removed in this major project: one at Glen Huntly Road, which includes the building of the new railway station, and the second at Neerim Road.

There is also an expectation that the Strategic Cycling Corridor planned along this rail reserve will also be delivered.

Glen Huntly will be a three platform station, requiring a wide cross-section.

And as the tracks head towards Neerim Road, and beyond towards Caulfield, it is obvious that space will be at a premium, as the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) has already signalled that property acquisition will be required.

Will they deliver for bikes or will riders be squeezed out when fitting everything in gets too hard?

Will they take their responsibilities seriously or will they squibb it?

The good news is that you get to have a say in this.

LXRP has opened community consultation on the project and wants to hear what you think is important to make it a success.

Share your feedback here.

Make sure you let them know the critical importance of the planned bike trail connecting all the way through to the Djerring Trail along the Caulfield line.

This route is planned along the rail corridor all the way from Moorabbin to Caulfield, and the LXRP has committed to deliver the section adjacent to its project.

However the government has decided to use a massive trench between Caulfield and Ormond to place the rail tracks under the roads, a configuration that requires a considerably wider corridor.

Because there is a high water table in this precinct, this enormous rail trench will have to be engineered as sturdily as a Dutch dyke, and will be eye-wateringly expensive.

When the government wakes up to the cost, and starts penny-pinching, there is a risk that it will become all too hard to find the funds for proper bike facilities through the precinct.

Make sure you let them know you expect them to deliver.

One positive is that it is expected that there will be good access to secure bike parking at Glen Huntly station.

Early works on the level crossings removals will start in 2021, with the removal of the boom gates in 2023, with project completion in 2024.

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