Tow away zones extended

Drivers that casually park on clearways in Melbourne could find their cars towed away and impounded under new rules being rolled out.

On some streets clearways create usable space for those on bikes mixing it with traffic in peak hour.

But selfish drivers can create a serious hazard when they illegally park in them.

Now, with a major expansion of tow-away zones introduced to better protect clearways, those vehicles can be towed away and impounded.

Even better, bike riders will be able to phone in the location of such vehicles and get them off the street sooner.

From Tuesday 1 December 2020, all existing 221 clearways on major roads will become tow-away zones, within 20-kilometres of Melbourne’s CBD. 

Drivers who park illegally in the signed tow-away zones during restricted times will be fined $165, in addition to the vehicle release fee.

The vehicle release fee is $361. If you do not collect your towed vehicle within 5 days, you will incur a $15.20 storage fee for every day after that until you collect the vehicle

The government has been progressively installing the new tow-away signs, however, while vehicles illegally parked in the new tow-away zones may be fined during this time, they won’t be towed away.

There will be a total of 326 clearways with tow-away zone status on major roads within 20-kilometres of Melbourne by Tuesday 1 December 2020.

To report a vehicle illegally parked in a tow-away zone, contact Nationwide Towing on 13 48 69.

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