Hitting four corners of the continent for a good cause

That's right, the four points of our massive continent in one epic bike ride. That's the task that Tommy Quick is tackling next year on his 28th birthday. A 9000km, 50 week journey raising money and awareness for social inclusion and stroke survivor support.

The journey

Tommy plans to start in the western tip of WA before heading across the Nullarbor to south tip of the mainland in Victoria (sorry Tassie), up to most easterly point of Australia in Cape Byron and onto the tip of the continent, Cape York.

Along the 9000 kilometre journey, Tommy will be visiting 100 schools, chatting to over 10,000 students and hopefully raising $1 million dollars for his cause.

Tommy's story

Tommy suffered a stroke at age 12 that changed his life forever. But what became clear to him very quickly was that this is not where his life stopped. Through unimaginable will and resilience Tommy rebuilt his life from that day and is now on a mission to use his strength to help others.

You can learn more about Tommy's inspiring story here.

In 2018 Tommy joined us on the Great Vic Bike Ride as we travelled a mere 600 kilometres from Robe to Torquay — a route that Tommy will ride by on his 9000 kilometre journey next year.

Get involved

There are plenty of ways you can get involved in Tommy's epic journey. Whether you're interested in riding, running or supporting for a stretch of the journey, he will certainly appreciate the company! 

Or if you can't be there in person, you can always follow Tommy's journey through his social media accounts @4pointsaustralia on Facebook and Instagram or donate to the cause at Fundraise 4 Stroke

But of course the journey has already began in training and preparation, and you can follow the progress through the website