April 2020

Go west, rides are peaceful there

A new self-guided ride explores the hills of West Hobart, Lenah Valley and Mt Stuart with stops at Knocklofty Reserve and Acanthe Park.
lebron james riding bike

The King likes bikes

Bicycle advocacy can be challenging at times, but stories about the biggest sports star on the planet loving bikes makes it a little easier.

Feds offer councils stimulus cash

Bike routes could benefit from a Federal Government stimulus package on offer to councils for transport projects, if councils act quickly and decisively.
buying a bike

Thinking about buying a bike?

If you’re thinking about jumping on the two-wheeled bandwagon but don’t have a trusty steed, check out this quick guide to buying a bike during coronavirus.

How are you getting around?

We want to know whether the wider community perception of bike riding has changed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Take our survey.

Tassie Bike News Bites

Community comment on how to improve riding conditions on the West Tamar Hwy and Hobart's proposed MTB track network, MTB podcasts, Sharron Yaxley topping world Zwift distance for women, and recreational path etiquette features in this edition of Tassie Bike News Bites.

NSW rail trails gather momentum

New South Wales rail trails are on the move with four new regional trails ramping up their efforts for funding, planning and construction.

Keep the Black Dog on the leash

According to a recent study, even people genetically vulnerable to depression are protected from it by three hours of physical activity each week.

New cycleways on the way for Inner West

Residents of Sydney’s Inner West will soon enjoy three new cycleways and paths as part of state government funding to revitalize open spaces along the Parramatta Road corridor.
shopping on bicycle

Bikes don’t scare off customers

Another study has found that building better bike infrastructure through shopping districts does not result in economic damage to local traders.