Ride2School Golden Wheel goes west

Warrnambool West Primary School has received Bicycle Network's Ride2School Golden Wheel for having the best active travel rate in Victoria in term four 2018.

A total of 83.85 per cent of students from Warrnambool West rode, walked, skated or scooted during the term, more than any other school in the state.

Bicycle Network General Manager of Behaviour Change Leyla Asadi said it was excellent to see Warrnambool West students enjoying bike riding and being active.

"Riding to school is not only the easiest way for children to get their 60 minutes of daily exercise, it's also the most fun way to get to school," said Ms Asadi.

"Students can meet each other before they get to the gates and arrive at school with a smile on their faces and ready for the day."

"Congratulations to the students for getting on their bikes, and also to their parents and teachers who support them and make it easy to ride."

Warrnambool West students recieve the Ride2School Golden Wheel for the best active travel rate in term 4 2018. Photo by Christine Ansorge.

Warrnambool West Primary School student Zoey Clays told the Warrnambool Standard that she loves being able to have fun on the way to school.

"I sometimes play games where you have to count how many steps you take. Or sometimes I'll play games where you have to count how many flowers you've picked."

It is the second time in 12 months that the Golden Wheel has gone to South-West Victoria, with Allansford Primary School winning it in term two 2018. It was also won by St Pius X Parish School in Warrnambool in 2016.

"It's brilliant to see the South-West make riding and walking a priority and encouraging all local schools to make it easy for students to be active and healthy and submit their Ride2School HandsUp!," added Ms Asadi.

“Submitting data every week not only puts you in the running for the Golden Wheel, but schools also become eligible to receive grant money to spend on active travel projects.”

The perfect time to start – National Ride2School Day

National Ride2School Day is less than a month away on Friday 22 March and it is the perfect time to start getting students active.

It’s a day full of fun and colour and a chance for every student to discover and celebrate the joy of riding.

It can also help students develop teamwork and leadership, with those who ride every day able to help their friends who might ride for the first time.

Participation is free and schools can register now to receive a pack that includes posters, stickers and promotional and planning material to help create a memorable day for students.

Click here to read more about National Ride2School Day

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Photos: Christine Ansorge, Warrnambool Standard