How do you ride to the station?

When you ride your bike to a railway station do you wear regular street clothes or cycling-specific clothing? Do you use a Parkiteer cage or lock your bike on bike hoops? Maybe you take your bike on the train with you.

Whatever you do, Transport for Victoria (TfV) and Public Transport Victoria (PTV) want to know.

They're surveying people to gather information on how and why people ride to stations to help make plans to encourage more people to ride to the train.

Bicycle Network encourages all members, riders and Parkiteer users to complete the survey and provide as much information as possible.

We would love to help TfV and PTV better understand people's riding habits and how riders think bike access at railway stations can be improved.

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Do you have Parkiteer access?

More and more railway stations around Victoria are being fitted with secure Parkiteer cages.

If you haven't got access to Parkiteer cages, you can register now for free.

After registering you will receive an access card that you can use at any Parkiteer cage across the network and park you bike securely and confidently.

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