Whitehall Street
Whitehall Street sewer works impact

A major project to move the North Yarra Sewer Main under Whitehall Street, Footscray, will close the street to on-road bike riders for the next 12 months.

Whitehall carries riders on both the off-road shared path, and on the road.

The shared path will remain open but because the sewer project will close off much of the road, bike rider who prefer to use the road will be detoured along Parker Street and along Hyde Street, both having on-road bike facilities.

There will be two sewer shafts sunk in Whitehall Street, one near the West Gate northern tunnel portal, and the other at the corner of Summerville Road.

Extensive signage is now in place to alert riders to the detours around the project..

A useful fact sheet about the project can be found here.

Although the shared path will be remain open along Whitehall, construction activities at the tunnel portal will continue to ramp up.

Some riders may therefore decide to take the on-road detour option. Those that stick with the Whitehall route should remain alert and careful through the construction zone.