Keen cyclist and volunteer Rob Priestley celebrates 18 years with Bicycle Network

Rob Priestley is one of Bicycle Network’s legendary volunteers. As a life member and honour board inductee, chances are you’ve seen Rob if you’ve come along to any Bicycle Network event in the last decade. In fact, he’s volunteered on 31 events in the last 10 years, including a seven year run as the Team Leader for Campsite Services on the Great Vic Bike Ride.

A keen cyclist, Rob first became involved with Bicycle Network in 2000 after joining a social ride in his area. He says, “We had a little local ride in the Eastern suburbs and I went on that, I remember it was an Easter ride.” Rob also came along as a rider on the Great Vic Bike Ride in 2000, as the route travelled along the Great Ocean Road. He even listed it as one of his most memorable Bicycle Network moments. “The ride was such an enjoyable experience,” he shared.

In addition to his involvement at Bicycle Network, Rob has volunteered for various other organisations as well. He always leans toward the opportunity to help others. When asked what he enjoys most about volunteering, Rob explained, “I like to help people. In my jobs and other volunteering work, I realised I always like helping others.” He continued, “I also enjoy the comradery with other members of the team.” As a wealth of knowledge and experience, Rob’s knack for helping others has become infamous. He’s even led knot tying sessions and software trainings among volunteers and staff.

Now in the winter months, Rob is busy helping volunteers and staff get ready for the event season by pitching in at Bicycle Network HQ and the workshop in Sunshine North. He would recommend volunteering at Bicycle Network to anyone who wants to get outside more. “Volunteering keeps you fit and active, and gets you out of the house,” Rob explains. Looking forward to the Great Vic, he says, “It’s special. You get to see more of the country.”

This year’s Great Vic is travelling from the mountains to the Murray river, starting in Bright and ending in Benalla. Visit our website for more information on volunteering with Bicycle Network