Create cycle tourism in your community

CycleLifeHQ exists to provides towns, communities and businesses a free platform to promote services, destinations and experiences to people who ride bikes.  

Charles Black, CEO of CycleLifeHQ presented his bicycle tourism platform at the RMS Western Region Bike Forum and explained how communities can benefit from bike tourism.  In the United States the cycling tourism and recreation industry is worth USD$71 billion annually.

With a focus on active travel, place-based adventure, an authentic experience, nature, history and the unique features of a community; Charles spoke about the success Cuyuna, a town in Minnesota USA, had in redeveloping old quarries and roads into mountain biking assets when mining ceased operations.  This town has now achieved full employment from its new cycling assets.

Tuscon Arizona provides a curated and guided bike tour around its UNESCO accredited Heritage Food region - taking advantage of cycle tourists tendency to eat more, stay longer and spend more – between $75-$200 per day compared with $58 per day for other tourists.

Charles is offering the CycleLifeHQ solution free of charge to help Australian communities develop and market cycle tourism to draw in visitors. Part of the offering is a self-assessment tool to help communities identify gaps in provision or services.  In Canberra a ‘gap’ led to the development of a business to shuttle people between the city and a local bike destination.

CycleLifeHQ also encourages communities to connect with local bike user groups and cycling organisations to help develop cycle-friendly tourism.  The site also offers  revenue-sharing arrangements with these groups to help further organisations that promote cycling.  Why not check out CycleLifeHQ and see how your community can benefit?

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