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Two abreast won't be pushed aside

Riding two abreast has been talked about a lot in the media and online in the past week after an uninformed online petition to have the rule changed was heavily publicised.

The Australian bike riding community took a stand against the petition and commentary that a singe file rule should be considered.

A number of bike riders also contacted who are hosting the petition and asked that the petition be taken down, however this will not be done.

Bicycle Network has been a long term supporter of the two abreast rule, and will continue to do so.

It is vital that bike riders continue to be able to ride two abreast – it makes us more visible and helps to ensure that drivers pass at a safe distance. Drivers can also pass more quickly, as bunches are shorter when riders are travelling two abreast.

With the petition continuing to run online, Bicycle Network believes it is important to educate the community about the rule and why it is safer for bike riders.

Bicycle Network Chief Executive Officer Craig Richards spoke to media about the importance of riding two abreast. He also discussed the problem of online anti-bike groups can grow to on-road hate.

“It’s hugely concerning that these groups start small online, but escalate to become hatred. It starts by dehumanising a group of people and pretty quickly turns to talk about harming people,” said Mr Richards.

“In the future people will look back on this with embarrassment, shame and bewilderment. These are just humans being targeted, humans who sometimes ride a bike, sometimes drive a car and sometimes walk.”

“We need legislation that is supportive of bike riders and to educate people about rules like being able to ride two abreast are safer for all.”

The TAC also voiced their support for the rule, with Chief Executive Officer Joe Calafiore appearing on The Project on Network Ten.

“Not is only is riding two abreast is legal in every state in Australia, in most circumstances it’s actually safer,” said Mr Calafiore.

While the organisors of the petition say they will present it to road ministers in every state, it is already being shot down by some.

And any credibility the group had has vanished after no one was willing to speak to media to tell their story, or put a face to it.

Bicycle Network will continue to make sure that bike riders in Australia can continue to ride two abreast.

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