Bike parking at new Metro stations

Melbourne Metro has publicly released designs for the new stations on the underground line under construction, confirming the provision of bike parking.

The stations feature outstanding architecture and are sure to attract more people to the train network, and as a consequence, more people getting to the stations by bike.

Some of those people will be taking their bikes on the train, and they will have the added advantage that the new trains new being built at Newport will have more flexible bike storage.

However, others will want to leave their bikes at the station and jump on the train.

These are the minimum figures for bike parking at each station in the Melbourne Metro project:

  • North Melbourne 120
  • Parkville 250
  • State Library 70
  • Town Hall 70
  • Anzac 120

The parking facilities will be in the station precincts, but the exact configuration and location will be determined later.