Bicycle Network helmet policy review
Helmet policy review delayed

With April now over, we understand that many people are eagerly waiting for the outcome of our helmet policy review.

So far, we’ve analysed our public survey of almost 20,000 people, gathered expert opinion and at this moment, we’re in the middle of our rapid review of academic literature. 

However, it’s proven more complex and challenging than we first anticipated.

Don’t worry, we are very committed to completing the review—we just need some more time.

Rather than the end of April, we’ll reveal our position on helmets in October 2018.

We want to make sure our review is thorough, unbiased and transparent which is why it’s important that our review is given the time it needs.

It’s vital that our members and supporters are confident in the process and understand how we reached our position.

So please, hold tight.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.