March 2018

Bikes to beat bulge in the West

Bikes to beat bulge in the West

Melbourne’s western suburbs are planning to use bikes to tackle some of the lowest physical activity rates in Victoria, and the associated health issues.
Bay Trail expansion

Bay Trail expansion opportunity

The popular Bay Trail could soon reach Melbourne’s western extremities as planning gets underway between Point Cook and Werribee South.
Darebin Bridge

At last! Darebin Bridge opens

After one of the most controversial, protracted, and hard fought campaigns in the history of Melbourne’s bike riding community, the Darebin Bridge is ready.
VicRoads truck rules

Watching for trucks

VicRoads is intensifying its campaign to make bike riders alert to the risks of trucks.
Ebike tariff

New tariff move stalled

A secret move to slap a tariff on all bikes imported to Australia has been scared off in the wake of the outcry over a similar tariff imposed on e-bikes.