Peaks Challenge Falls Creek Christmas guide
Notes from the 11 hour wave leader

Worried it might be difficult to keep in shape for Peaks Challenge Falls Creek during the festive season? Don't be, it's actually quite realistic!

To give you a plan of attack to keep in touch with the Peaks peloton, Team Bicycle Network 11 hour wave leader rider Daniel Frawley has put together a little holiday guide.

The Christmas break is actually the perfect time Peaks Challenge Falls Creek riders to get stuck into some solid training. You've got a week off work (or two if you’re lucky), sunny skies and plenty of christmas food to keep you energised.

Surely there are enough hours to get some solid structured training in and still be there for some quality family time, right? Or, scrap the program and just ride.

After all, the Rapha Festive 500 on Strava is a nice little goal to keep you motivated across the break – 500 kilometres between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve?! Simple.

This festive season I have grand plans on trying to balance the two approaches, structured training with a dash of extras for that Festive 500 finishers roundel from Rapha.

I follow a written program, using a power metre to measure my effort, but the following will give you a guide to the type of riding and variation that will help you get your climbing legs ready for The Beast up back of Falls Creek.

Here’s my plan (subject to change depending on how many serves of christmas pudding I get stuck into).

Saturday 23 December
Head out and find a 20-30 minute climb and ride at threshold, before descending down and repeating the climb at threshold before an easy ride home. 90-100km.

Sunday 24 December 
Tempo ride focussing on spinning easy gears. 60-70km. Maybe an extra 10-20km to add to Festive 500.

Monday 25 December
Christmas Day, have a rest! Or maybe a short, easy spin while everyone’s in a food coma (and to keep on top of that Festive 500 target). 30-40km.

Tuesday 26 December
Above threshold intervals. After warming up, 2 minutes above threshold, and 3 minute easy spinning between. Repeat five times. 5 minute rest then five more 1 minute intervals with 2 minutes rest between. Easy spin home. 40-50km

Wednesday 27 December
Hill repeats. After warming up, pick a 3-4 minute climb and ride at threshold, finishing with a 10 second max effort. Repeating 6-7 times. 40-50km

Thursday 28 December
5 minute intervals. After a warm up, 5 minutes above threshold, 5 minutes recovery. Repeat 6-7 times. Easy spin home. 40-50km

Friday 29 December
Easy recovery ride spinning easy gears. 40-50km

Saturday 30 December
More threshold climbing. 90-100km.

Sunday 31 December
Tempo ride focussing on spinning easy gears. 60-70km, or whatever’s needed to knock off Festive 500!

Monday 1 January
New years day! Day off.

Tuesday 2 January
Back to work after some more early morning intervals!

Hopefully this guide will help you keep building towards Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, but the important thing is to get out on your bike, find some hills and have some fun!


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