Bicycle Network helmet policy review
Helmet survey closes with 19K responses

Bicycle Network's helmet policy review survey closed on Friday 22 September with more than 19.3K responses.

Responses came from across Australia and the world, with people from New Zealand, Brazil, London, USA, Vietnam, Germany and Denmark weighing in to the debate on whether helmets should be mandatory. 

We'd like to thank everyone, including our members, who have shared their thoughts with us and our survey. We knew this topic would kick off a debate but we've been overwhelmed by the response. 

Please be patient as we analyse the results. We're aiming to report back on the findings in October. 

What's next for our helmet policy review? 

With the survey now complete, our work is only beginning. We've still got three key stages to complete:

  1. Report back on the findings of the survey before the end of October.  
  2. Complete a literature review of research submitted to us during the process
  3. Collate and consider the opinions of more than 100 active travel, town planning, bike riding, policy, medical and injury prevention experts. Invitations to these experts were sent out on Thursday 21 September. 

Keep updated on the latest from our helmet policy review by following us on Facebook, Twitter or checking out #helmetpolicyreview. 

If everything goes to plan, we're aiming to wrap up our helmet policy review in April 2018. 

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