Bicycle Network helmet policy review
One week to go - Helmet survey reaches 18K
Update 19/9: The survey has now been completed by more than 18K people. 

With one week until the public helmet policy review survey closes, the responses have reached more than 15.5K people from Australia and overseas.

It's been a big week in the world of helmets with with our policy review getting the attention of national media outlets across radio, television and print. 

But, it's also become clear that we've got a problem—only 23% of our survey respondents are women.

While we know that only one in three bike riders are women, we want our survey to reflect the thoughts of whole community, including people who ride and those who currently don't.

With the survey closing on Friday 22 September, we'd love to bring this back in balance. Please share our survey across your social media or send it on to your family and friends.


We'd like to thank everyone, including our members, who have shared their thoughts with us and our survey. We knew this topic would kick off a debate but we've been overwhelmed by the response. 

Complete the survey
What's next for our helmet policy review?

Once the survey closes, we'll begin analysing the responses and report back on what we've found before the end of the year. 

However, the survey is only one part of the review - we're also undertaking a literature review of research that's been submitted to us as well as inviting active travel, injury prevention, medical, policy and transport experts to share their thoughts.

Is there an expert or decision maker you'd like to hear from? Tell us and we'll invite them to comment. 

As part of our review of the evidence and data, we’ll be asking ourselves what’s the impact of mandatory helmets on four key things:

  • The essence of bike riding: freedom and convenience?
  • The number of people riding?
  • The number of crashes?
  • The severity of injury if there is a crash?

We're aiming to have our review wrapped up by April next year - so please be patient as we work through all the data and research. 


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