September 2017

Health report

Health report – September 2017

We've done the rounds of the recent local and international health research to bring you a wrap up of reasons to ride a bike.
Bonnet Hill

Bonnet Hill remains an uphill battle

The Bonnet Hill project shows what can be done when the local community, not just bike riders, recognise a problem and agitate to do something about.
Tamar BUG

More in get the bike bug

The Tamar Bike Users Group in Northern Tasmania is getting more riders on the road through its social rides program.
Around the Bay shirt

Around the Bay jersey throwback

We want to see your old Around the Bay jerseys and shirts – share a photo of your favourite top using #AroundtheBay and help us relive the memories.
bike parking in Darwin

Bike parking in Darwin

After a look around the streets of Darwin and consultation with some local bike riders it seems there is not enough bike parking in Darwin.

Road trauma costs $29.7b

A new report suggests that road trauma costs the Australian economy nearly $30 billion a year.

Bicycle Network volunteering Agency of the Month

Impact Volunteering, a local organisation who promote and encourage volunteering in the community, have named Bicycle Network their Agency of the Month. Bicycle Network works with Impact Volunteering to match volunteers with suitable roles and help provide support for those experiencing isolation, illness, distress, disability, misfortune, poverty and deprivation. A presentation was made at an introduction [...]