August 2017

Health report

Health report – August 2017

We've done the rounds of the recent local and international health research to bring you a wrap up of reasons to ride a bike.
NSW local government elections

Cast your vote for bikes

With NSW local government elections fast approaching, there’s still time to put bikes on the local government agenda before Saturday 9 September.
St Georges Road trail

Dawn breaks on new St Georges path

Commuters on the St Georges Road route to the city will have spied fresh concrete that has began its steady march along the water pipeline corridor.
North-East Link

North-East Link bike benefits flow

As the evaluation of potential North-East routes moves towards a conclusion, opportunities are opening up for major enhancements to the local bike network.
NSW Bike Week activities

NSW Bike Week is back

Mark the dates in your calendars, there’s only a couple weeks to go before people of all ages, skills and disciplines come together for an annual celebration of cycling – NSW Bike Week (16-24 September).
The state government has cleared the way for more bikes to use two key streets in Melbourne’s west that are currently compromised by rat-running trucks.

Truck bans bring bike boost

The state government has cleared the way for more bikes to use two key streets in Melbourne’s west that are currently compromised by rat-running trucks.
Sunset Velodrome

Shorten commits to bikes in the west

Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten has committed a future ALP Government to ensuring Melbourne's West gets a fair share of bike infrastructure.
Around the Bay

History of Around the Bay

Twenty five eventful years in the making – the icon of Australian recreational cycling that is Around the Bay
Moray Street

More for bikes on Moray Street

Moray Street South Melbourne, potentially a great route into the CBD from the south via Albert Park, is set for a major upgrade – and you can have your say.
Beach Road

Beach Road bonanza this weekend

Bicycle Network will be out and about on Beach Road on Saturday with a Team Bicycle Network Around the Bay ride and a joint pop-up with Melbourne Water.
Bicycle Network Mind. Body. Pedal

Investing in adolescent health

Investment in the health and wellbeing of our adolescents delivers a triple dividend with potential benefits for the adolescent, their future adult life, and even future generations.

Bikes can sooth Sydney transport woes

The crushing growth in public transport use in Sydney could lead the NSW government to re-think its current tokenistic approach to bike commuting.
explore the ANZAC legend where it was made

Riding the ANZAC legend

A World War I campaign at the very foundation of the ANZAC legend celebrates a significant anniversary in October this year. What better way to mark the occasion than with a mountain bike trek and a re-enactment?

A Bridge Road too far?

Bridge Road is a key East-West link for bikes in and out of the CBD, but getting decent bike facilities on the street has receded further into the distance.

Swan Street Bridge takes a dive

The Swan Street Bridge upgrade has become a debacle for bike commuters, with the awkward detours destined to be in place for much longer than planned.