Physical activity

Did you know two out of every three Australians don’t get enough physical activity in their day to maintain their health?

That's right - two out of three! There are many sad tales doctors and researchers have written - about how the health of Australians is being damaged by not being active enough.

There's heaps of medical evidence showing a link between not moving enough and heart disease (heart attack), Type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer (including bowel and breast cancer), stroke and depression!

So that's why we want to get everyone in Australia on a bike!

Health authorities recommend 30 minutes of physical activity, five times a week, for adults and at least 60 minutes for children - and bike riding is the best way to do this.

Because you don’t need to find extra time in your day to get active through riding.

You can use a bike to get to work, school or just about anywhere and make it an easy part of your life. If you’re not riding, why not try it out? It's grouse! We’ve got lots of advice to help get you started

If you are riding - keep at it! You may just inspire someone to start their journey to a healthier life using two wheels!


children on their bicycles