New riders

Tips for new riders

Grab a bike

Bikes are everywhere these days. Find one, get it set up right for your size and ensure the mechanicals are reliable. The local bike shop can be a great help.

Test flight

Go for a ride with the kids or invite some friends to ride with you. Get the feel of the gears and brakes, along with the balance and manoeuvrability of the bike. Most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable.

Plan your route

The most direct route may not necessarily be the best route. You may consider riding around a hill instead of straight up it. Quiet back streets may require more stopping and starting, but you may find them preferable to main roads. And of course, being on a bicycle allows you to make use of off-street bike paths, and small 'short cuts' not available when you are driving a car.

If your commute is too far — part way is okay. You could drive in part-way, park, and then swap to the bike. Or, you could ride to your local train station, many of which have secure parking facilities like the Parkiteer bike cages.

You can also visit:

  • Google maps - When you choose 'Get Directions' you can pick a bike as your preferred method of getting around.

Get the inside word

Talk to regular riders at work. Ask their advice on how to get to work, where to park your bike, where to shower (if you think you’ll need to) and where to leave clothes.

Build your confidence

Before actually riding to work go for a trial run on the weekend. Select the route and time your ride. It could be faster and less stressful than you thought.

Ride to work (or ride to the station!)

You have planned well and overcome the barriers. Celebrate your success when you arrive. You’re getting more exercise, saving money, caring for the planet and having fun!