Find out the best ways to keep your property secure whilst using Parkiteer.

D Locks

Our cages are a great way to store your bike before you hop on the train however you need to make sure your bike is as secure as it can be because even with a security access system, there can be the risk of tailgaters. 

Many people ask what kind of locks are best as there are so many to choose from.

We recommend a D-Lock to keep your bike safe from theft.

Check out our latest Ride On testing guide showing you how locks rated for different testers.

Theft prevention and bike identity

As important as it is to securely lock your bike when left unattended, it is equally important to lock up your bikes identity and your ownership, before thieves strike.  Thieves prey on bikes as they are easy to steal and sell and hard to identify as stolen. The Police recover thousands of bikes annually and many are not returned to their owners due to lack of bike identity.  Secure your bikes identity for FREE with Bike Vault, before it’s too late.  Go to and register your bike.

Stolen Bicycles Australia Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation founded to counter bike theft. Providing the cycling community and police with free tools and resources to search, locate, recover and reunite stolen bikes with their owners.    


CycleSafe is a bespoke Home Contents Insurance policy that protects your bicycles with just as much care and attention as your general home and contents. Endorsed by Bicycle Network, CycleSafe is the perfect home and contents insurance policy for biking enthusiasts.

Go to Cyclesafe home contents to find out more.