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How do I get an access card?

Please register and an access card will be mailed to you. Simply follow the 'How to Register' panel to the right hand side of the webpage.

Do I have to pay anything to use Parkiteer cages?

How long will it take to get my card after I have paid the security deposit?

Once paid, your access card will be sent to you by mail within 5 working days.

How do I activate my card?

You must activate your card before first use. Go to activateparkiteer.com.au.

If you are unsure of how to use this page see our help page.

Do I have to be a Bicycle Network member to use a Parkiteer cage?


What type of lock should I use?

You are advised to lock your bike to the rails in the cage. Bicycle Network recommends these locks as the best security and value for money available. Our recommended style of lock is a D-Lock.

Can I access more than one Parkiteer bike cage?

Yes. Your Parkiteer card will allow you access to any cage on the network, metropolitan or regional.

Do I have to ride a bike? Can I park my scooter/motorbike in there?

Parkiteer bike cages are for bicycles only. A bicycle may have an electric or petrol powered motor attached, provided the motor's maximum power does not exceed 250 watts.

Can I store my bike in the cage?

No. Please don't leave your bike in the cage if you are not using it so other riders can use the space. The program is intended as a mid-way facility with the intention that you remove your bike after arriving back at the station on your way home. We remove bikes if they appear to be abandoned and dispose of them if they are not claimed. 

What if I arrive at the Parkiteer cage and discover that I have left my access card at home?

Please call 1300 546 526 and our operator can open the cage for you once you provide your password.

I'm swiping my card and the door isn't opening! What do I do?

Is your card activated? If it is your first time you have accessed your cage, or you are using a cage other than the one you registered for, sometimes there may be a short delay until the network responds from home-base. Try again in a few minutes time.

  • Place your access card on the card reader next to the door and hold it for a couple of seconds. It may not be sufficient to do a quick sweep pass as you might a credit or eftpos card. (NOTE: positioning, signage and colour of the card reader may vary on your cage.)

  • Once you hear the click that the lock has reacted to your card, grab the door handle and pull.

  • When leaving, there is no need to use your card as the handle operates from the inside. Please ensure the door closes behind you.

  • If your card is still not working, please call our 24-7 support line on 1300 546 526.

How do I use those hanging rails?


Can I hold the door open for other Parkiteer members?

No. Holding the door open for other members can increase the risk of unregistered people accessing the Parkiteer cage. Swiping your own Parkiteer card is vital for collecting data usage and in prioritising the extension of full cages.

Terms & Conditions

You can view the user guidelines and terms and conditions of the program here.