Here are some of the resources we have developed to make it easy for you to encourage riding and walking to school.


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Ride2School Day How-to Guide

To make sure that your school is encouraging walking and riding, we encourage all schools to hold a Ride2School Day either once a month, or once a term.

Many schools incorporate a Ride2School Day into school sports activities, creating a whole day event for being active.



This infographic highlights the benefits of increased physical activity for students and the school community.

Simply download it, print it off and display it around your school.

Ride2School Information Flyer

We can support you to promote a healthy active travel to school culture in your community. You can give this flyer to your principal to start the conversation about how we can support you and make walking and riding to school easy for your school to encourage.

Simply download it, print it off and share it.


HandsUp! is a key tool used by schools that we work with. It allows your school to track its progress with getting more students active and is a great way to measure your school's success.  

The Handsup system also provides some great feedback that you can share with your school in newsletters of at assemblies. 

Download the HandsUp! count sheet to make your data collection easier.



HandsUp! Chart

Keep track of your Active Travel rate. Show your class that Ride2School is more than just a day but a lifelong behaviour change. Download our weekly chart. 

The M Check

You don't need to be a mechanic to give your student's or children's bikes a quick check.  We've develop an infographic to make it much easier to complete the checks.

Simply follow the 'M' shape to make sure you cover off each area.

Helmet Fit Guide

Helmets are compulsory for bike riding. A poor fitting helmet, however, is almost as useless as a missing helmet. It is easy to make sure your child’s helmet fits correctly.

Follow the simple steps in this guide to ensure the correct fit.

Essential tools (for older children)

Here's a list of the essential items you or your child need when out riding. Each item is selected to fix the most common problems that will be encountered while riding.


Group Riding Basics

There are a number of skills that are essential when riding in a large group. We've listed the top 10 tips that all young riders should start to learn.

If you have student participating in the Bupa Around The Bay or RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride, this is worth sharing.

Newsletter templates

Keep your school community in the loop with all the details about your walking and riding promotion day. We have created newsletter announcements to help you get as many walkers and wheelers on the day. Click here to download.