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Benefits of HandsUp!

How your school can benefit by entering HandsUp! data

HandsUp! allows schools to get the most value out of the program, be eligible for prizes and track their progress in their efforts to get more students active. 

Benefits for your school

  • HandsUp! allows your school to track it's progress in getting more students riding, walking, skating and scooting more often
  • The reporting tables and charts can be used to communicate progress achievements to current and prospective parents
  • The CO2 reporting records can be used for AUSSIVic Schools transport audit module
  • Monthly monitoring can provide opportunity for students to manage and to take responsibility
  • HandsUp! surveys allow the Ride2School team to advocate for improved facilities around your school to support the riders and walkers. You can also present the data when applying for grants
  • Students see their peers putting their HandsUp! which helps create active travel as a social norm
  • Communicating achievements can help to build school community pride