What's involved?

It’s easy, and it’s free.

We support thousands of schools across Australia to create and maintain an active travel culture.  We can help you to make encouraging walking and riding to school quick and easy. Some of our tools and activities include:

  • Monthly HandsUp! count system, so you can keep track of how you are going
  • Star Rewards and Barrier Buster Initiative — offering awards such as bike parking, bike education, a class set of bike and more
  • National Ride2School Day
  • Local and State Government support to create active travel environments (e.g. school crossings, reduced speed limits, paths etc)

To be involved, your school needs to commit to doing a HandsUp! count once a week and enter your results in our online system — it takes less than three minutes. This helps you and us to track your school’s progress and provide feedback to your school community.  It also puts your school in the running for fantastic awards through our Star Rewards and Barrier Buster Initiative.

Join thousands of schools across Australia and commit to creating an active travel culture in your school. Register your school in the Ride2School program today.