Your School's Journey

New for 2017 is the Ride2School Schools Classification System. The classifications makes it easier for schools to progress through our program.

The Ride2School classification is a new initiative for 2017, designed to give schools clearer direction to how they can progress through the Ride2School Program and benchmark themselves against other schools.

The primary criteria is the collection of HandsUp! counts, which give schools staggered access to more resource-intensive initiatives. As a state-funded behavior change program it is critical for us to be able to measure and report on the long-term impact of our initiatives.

See the full list of qualified schools and their classifications here.

Schools that qualify* will soon receive signage and classification stickers to display at school. Schools will receive their classification for the new school year based on their activities over the previous year.

  Blue School Bronze School Silver School Gold School
What you need do
  • Register for Ride2School
  • Sign up to take part in Ride2School Day
  • Start entering HandsUp! Counts.
  • All of the Blue school criteria
  • Enter a minimum of 4 HandsUp! counts in the school year.
  • As Bronze plus
  • Minimum 8 HandsUp! Counts in the school year
  • As Silver plus;
  • 10 or more HandsUp! counts
What you can access
  • School Visits
  • Assembly visit
  • Resources (posters, stickers)
  • As Blue school plus;
  • Eligible to apply for Ride2School Grants
  • Pre-Active Paths workshops
  • Mind.Body.Pedal (secondary school only)
  • Consideration for Pilot Programs
  • As Bronze Plus;
  • Active Map/Active Paths
  • Bike Education
  • Consideration for Pilot Programs
  • All of the previous
  • Gold School recognition


If you are unsure of where your school sits in the classification or want more information then please email us and we can let you know how you are going and what great programs and incentives we can help you with.


*Currently the classification resources are only available in Victoria

*Gaining school classification gives access to initiatives but does not guarantee that all schools will receive them.