Bike-friendly workplaces

Benefits of creating a workplace bike culture

  • It improves employee health and well-being. There are so many reasons why employers should be supporting employees to improve their health and well-being, with benefits to the organisation including reduced absenteeism (on average, bike riders take one less sick day a year than non-bike riders), increased productivity and improved employee retention.

  • It encourages employees to arrive on time. For shorter journeys, travel time by bike is very often quicker than by car as bike riders are less likely to be held up by heavy traffic congestion.

  • It saves money. The aforementioned increased productivity and reduced absenteeism rates save companies millions of dollars. And encouraging staff to ride for short work journeys and external meetings can save the workplace money on fleet cars, taxis, parking and petrol cards. 

  • It relieves parking pressures. Encouraging employees to ride to work reduces the demand for staff car parking spaces. Similarly for clients and visitors, trading one or two car spaces for a dozen bike spaces means more space for less cost and helps organisations to earn respect as a bike-friendly business.

  • It supports corporate social responsibility. A culture of bike riding can contribute to an organisation's environmental and health targets, and sends a great message to the community about the organisation's commitment to these goals. It also helps the organisation to be seen as a desirable place to work for potential employees.

  • Overall, it will boost workplace morale and result in happier, healthier employees!