Bike Riding Insurance

Bicycle Network Membership includes our premium bike riding insurance which provides cover for you in these three very important ways.

Medical coverage

Medical care can be expensive, particularly if you’re not covered.

With our bike rider's insurance, we’ll cover expenses that others don’t – things like dental, orthodontic, physiotherapy, and even acupuncture as long as you provide a reference from a qualified medical practitioner.

Income protection

Having an injury is never convenient and it hurts more if you can’t work for a period of time.

We provide income protection as part of our policy, so if you’re injured on your bike or can’t work after an incident, we’ll pay up to 80% of your weekly earnings for 52 weeks.

Third party coverage

It’s never great being involved in a collision, especially when there is damage to someone else’s property or, even worse, injury to someone.

Our policy also has you covered here. For any damage to another person’s property or injury caused to them, you’ll just need to pay the first $1,000 and we’ll take it from there.


Summary of Bicycle Network insurance:

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