Red bikes a go in Sydney

Not to be outdone by Melbourne, Sydney now also has a dockless bike share system – Reddy Go bikes, 160 of which appeared on the streets yesterday.

Reddy Go bikes operate in very much the same way as their Melbourne counterparts, oBikes. Users locate and book a bike with an app and unlock it with the app or a QR code.

The base rate to hire a bike is $1.99 per half hour to hire, the same as oBikes. However, that may not always be the case – a dynamic pricing is system is being established and costs will rise and fall at certain times, possibly in a similar way that Uber fares surge when cars are in high demand.

Users must also pay a $99 membership fee and are given 100 Reddy Go points. Points are then added or deducted, depending on rider behaviour. Reporting issues with bikes will earn you points, however if you park a bike illegally you will be docked 20 points.

Driveways and emergency exits for buildings are listed as illegal places to park and it is recommended that bikes are returned to designated public bike racks.

There have been concerns in Melbourne about oBikes taking up public bike racks, and while there are fewer Reddy Go bikes than oBikes, it would be a good time for the City of Sydney and other local governments in inner areas to install more bike parking.

Early reports are that the bikes come with helmets attached and are light weight which should make them easy for all to handle. The seat posts are adjustable, but may not be a perfect fit for individuals of above average height.

While the stark, red bikes may come as a shock to some Sydneysiders, the introduction of a bike share system that provides an easy alternative to short car trips or public transport can only be a good thing.

A screen shot of Reddy Go bike locations in central Sydney.