Road safety is everybody's responsibility.

Just as we expect drivers to take care, bike riders are obliged to ride with consideration too.

That's why we're supporting the #5SecondSafety road safety campaign with RACV, Channel 7, VicRoads, TAC and others, with the series of videos below.

The campaign runs from March 31 to April 17 in the lead-up to Easter, often a tragic time on our roads.

What's your road safety pledge? You can join the campaign by

  • Uploading a five-second video saying what you will do (with a smart phone is fine)
  • Posting photos with your idea and the challenge “what are you going to do?”
  • Simply telling us what you will do to make roads safer.

Use the hashtag #5SecondSafety and our handles are @BicycleNetwork (Facebook), @bicycle_network (Instagram), @bicycle_network (Twitter).

See the contributions so far from groups and individuals on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.