Life Members & Honour Board

Volunteer Honours

Bicycle Network is honoured to have such a strong and enthusiastic volunteer base.

Each year Life Membership and Honour Board recognition is awarded to those special volunteers whose sustained contribution has made a real difference to the organisation.

In 2017 we are introducing a new recognition system that builds on the existing point criteria while identifying that our volunteers contribute in varied ways across our many programs.

Life Membership and Honour Board volunteers will now be awarded according to the following criteria:

  • Life membership achieved through active volunteering with Bicycle Network for over 10 years, in each of those years having donated at least 50 hours of time across more than one event
  • Honour Board achieved by over five years on the board, or seven years in another volunteer capacity donating at least 50 hours of time across more than one event

The new system also includes the recognition of volunteers who champion specific programs or events and will be celebrating each five, ten or 20 year involvement.

We are currently collating data in all areas of volunteer involvement and look forward to celebrating the milestones as they come up over the next year. If you have any questions or comments in regards to your contribution please get in touch via

Life Members

Adam Smith Alan Leenaerts Albie Heintz Ambrose Canning Andrew Smith
Anthony Barber Arthur Humphreys Charlie Farren Chuck Ziegler Clive Shipley
David Leong Di Elliffe Doug Brown Frank Kinnersley George Giles
Glennys Jones Grant Whiteside Hamish Haugh Harry Barber Helen Wilson
Jeff Dunn Jeremy Lewis John Barrett John Pyle Keith Dunstan
Keith Porter Keith Price Ken Every Kevin Hossack Lee Perry
Loris Jackson Maggie Luke-Davies Michael Symons Michael Oxer Neil Warren
Nick O'Keefe Patsy Jones Philip Bezemer Ray Barry Ray Dowse
Renata Lewis Rob Priestley Robin Greenwood-Smith Roger Lancaster Sharon Margetts
Simon Crone Wendy Margetts

Bob Cater

Robert Wilkinson Norm Gray
Terry McDonnell Joan Horton John Ang Kevin Cooper John Matthews
John McCurdy        

Honour Board

Aidan Fawkes Amy Northorpe Andrea Burgess Bob Cater
Darby O'Toole David Bennett David Rumble David Smith
Dennis Shepherd Dimity Fowler Fred Drury Gary Wakeling
Geoff Inglis Geoff Schomburgk Geoffrey Taig Helen Millicer
Janice Simpson Jeff Pay Jeremy Brand Jess Northorpe
John Matthews John McCurdy John Meilak Joyce Heath
Katie Rae Sanders Kaye Tonzing Laurie Elliott Lloyd Williams
Margaret Donnelly Margaret Kenny-Wilson Megan Hopman Michael Clancy
Neil White Norm Gray Richard Trewern Robert Wilkinson
Susan Mylius Ted Price Zena Burgess Joan Denison
Lyall Hill Adrian Versteegen Sarah Farrugia Brenton Harty
Shane Kolacz Greg Dutkowski Austin Greenwood Raymond Chatt

Photo: 2017 Life Membership and Honour Board Victorian recipients