Life Members & Honour Board

Volunteer Honours

*2013 Life membership recipients

Bicycle Network is lucky to have such a strong and enthusiastic volunteer base.

Every year we honour those volunteers who have donated their time to help further our cause. We offer Life Membership to those special volunteers who have remained committed.

We want to celebrate the contribution of all our volunteers. In order to do so please help us bring the information we currently have about your voluntary contribution up to date using this form and emailing it to us at

Life Members

Anthony Barter Robin Green-wood Smith Sharon Margetts

Helen Wilson

Harry Barber Albie Heintz Wendy Margetts

Philip Bezemer

John Barrett Kevin Hossack Michael Oxer Grant Whiteside
Ray Barry Arthur Humphreys Lee Perry Neil Warren
Doug Brown Loris Jackson Keith Porter Roger Lancaster
Simon Crone Glennys Jones       Rob Priestly Alan Leenaerts
Ray Dowse       Frank Kinnersley John Pyle Renata Lewis
Keith Dunstan David Leong Clive Shipley
Charlie Farren Jeremy Lewis Adam Smith
George Giles Maggie Luke-Davies

Michael Anthony



Honour Board

Andrea Burgess Joyce Heath Darby O'Toole Jeff Pay
Bob Cater Hamish Haugh David Rumble Ted Price
Margaret Donnelly Margaret Kenny-Wilson Katie Rae-Sanders Megan Hopman
Fred Drury Laurie Elliott      Dennis Shepherd Robert Wilkinson
Norm Gray       John Meilak Chuck Ziegler Michael Clancy