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Riders can consider the commitments of candidates and elected representatives to make your vote count for bikes.

There are a number of ways you can get involved

Between elections

Get in touch with your elected representatives about bike riding matters. We encourage you to give them feedback about the type of riding that you do and the type of riding that would like to do. You can do this at any time but it is more effective if you link it to:

Something that is happening

We strongly recommend giving positive feedback through a letter of thanks when something good for bike riding happens in your area. If you know that it is a local, or state or federal initiative then you can go to the representative at that level. If you don’t know, and sometimes it is hard to work out which level of government is responsible, send a thank you to each level of government. A positive letter is always good to receive and it lets your representatives know that bike riding is an important matter to their constituents.

 An opportunity

We encourage you to write about opportunities to improve your riding conditions. There might be somewhere that needs some bike parking, a bike path that could be extended or a bike lane that could be painted. Again keep the letters and calls positive, an enthusiastic representative is more likely to work hard for what you ask. You might alos want to write when something has been promised and has not been delivered. Again keep the letter positive and point out the commitment that was made and how you plan to use the new facility.

Local priorities

You might not see the project that is important to you in the short list of local priorities identified for Local, State or Federal representatives. First search the Bicycle Network website by using the search box. If you can't find your project, please get in touch with Bicycle Network using the contact form, we would love to hear from you. We might know about the project but have not yet put up a web page about it, on the other hand we may not know about your area and your views on what is important will help us set priorities.