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Bicycle Network campaigns for better conditions for riders

Budget season for bikes

23 April 2015. It's budget season for local councils across Victoria and bike riders will soon have the opportunity to contribute to deliberations on the funding of bike infrastructure for the coming year.

To get the ball rolling we need your input. 

Have your say by completing this short survey so councils in Victoria can be held to account for bike riding conditions in their communities.

Some councils have already released their draft budgets for 2015-16 and Bicycle Network will continue to work with these councils over coming weeks.

With your help local governments will consider bike riding as a serious priority in the development of their 2015-16 budgets.

There are few better benefits for a community than bike facilities.

As people strive to improve their health, research shows that bike riding gets the heart and lungs pumping and keeps disease at bay for less cost to the public purse than any other intervention.

Victoria leads the way in Australia with investment for bikes, but too many municipalities are dragging the chain, and leaving it up to others to do the running (and riding).

Work with us in the coming months to make sure your council is up to speed.