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Please, Tony!

Please, Tony! Spend $7.5b on separated bike lanes and paths.

Bike riders - let's unite and write to Australia's second most famous* lycra wearer

Bicycle Network is calling on riders from across Australia to ask our PM Tony Abbott to spend $7.5 billion on 7,500 kilometres of bike infrastructure throughout Australia, so that the nation can ride its way back to health.



Here's Bicycle Network's 7 step compelling argument:

  • 1. 63% of Australians are inactive.
  • 2. Inactivity costs us a staggering 13.8 billion every year (in health and associated costs).
  • 3. 59% of Australians want to ride a bike but they're concerned about cars and trucks.
  • 4. Separated lanes will overcome that concern.
  • 5. If 59% of people take up riding we'll save at least $8.1 billion - every single year.
  • 6. $7.5 billion will buy 7500 kilometres of separated bike lanes and paths.
  • 7. It will transform Australia into the most bike friendly and physically active country in the world!

Bicycle Network's CEO Craig Richards calls on bike riders to unite and ask our Prime Minister for $7.5 billion.

You can find out more in Bicycle Network's full Explanatory Memorandum.

What we need you to do:

  1. Write a letter to our Prime Minister Tony Abbott either by visiting his website or sending an old fashioned letter to P.O. Box 6022, House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra, ACT, 2600.
  2. Make sure you include the heading: Please, Tony! Spend 7.5b on separated bike lanes and paths.
  3. Show us and your fellow bike riders that you've written to Mr. Abbott by visiting our "Please, Tony!" campaign page on and adding your name to the list of people who have sent him a letter.


*Sorry Tony, Cadel Evans did win Le Tour de France!