Next Gen

The Next Gen Team launched in 2015. The team came together to strengthen the leadership of Bicycle Network, and develop as our next generation of leaders.


The Bicycle Network Next Gen Team



Ryan Lonsdale, NSW Manager

As an advocate for a healthy life, people and bike riding are two of Ryan’s core passions. Ryan is the leader of the growing NSW team and understands the needs of Australian bike riders from spending years on his road bike, commuting to work or simply taking his young family to the park.

Ryan came to Bicycle Network from a previous life as brand communications and business professional. His goal is to have bike riding naturally on the agenda in NSW and expand the everyday riding community.

Ryan is relishing the opportunity to grow the influence of Bicycle Network in NSW by empowering his team to support current riders and introducing people to simple health benefits from riding a bike.


Jeff McPhan, National Ride2School Manager 

As the National Ride2School Manager, Jeff thrives on the challenge of improving the physical activity levels of today’s young Australians through projects that enable students to ride and walk to school.

Jeff spent years working in various sports and leisure centres in regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne, before joining Bicycle Network.

Growing up in country Victoria, Jeff rode his bike everywhere, always on his older brother’s old bikes! Some of Jeff’s favourite childhood memories was he and his brother tying the billy cart to the bike and riding flat out down hills or riding the old BMX over a purpose built jump into the local creek!