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Rising Star

Gemma McCrohan, General Manager, Behaviour Change:

What made you want to work with Bicycle Network?

It was the Happiness Cycle that first attracted me to Bicycle Network—I thought it was a great opportunity to develop a new behaviour change initiative that hasn’t been done before, and I was eager to use my event experience to take it to a new level.

I also felt that Bicycle Network was the place for me. The culture, the people and the progressiveness really resonate with me. I knew very quickly that I would be able to contribute to the organisation.

Through my experience in the Happiness Cycle I developed an interest and understanding of behaviour change. Transitioning into my new role as Acting General Manager of Behaviour Change, I relaise that there is whole new world of learnings and knowledge in this field, which is really exciting and creates opportunities for us to further develop our programs.

I have a real passion for people development, and joining the leadership team at Bicycle Network is a great opportunity for me to get involved in developing others.


What qualities do you need to be a good Behaviour Change team member?

You need to be open to new things and believe in what we do—be ready to trial different options and find out what works and what doesn’t work.

One of the things we do try to do is to understand our riders and their needs, so we need people who enjoy getting out and meeting the riders and hearing their stories.

To fit in with the team, you need to work collaboratively, and you need to be passionate and believe in our end goal and what we’re trying to achieve in making bike riding a part of everyday life.


What’s the best part of the job?

For me, it’s very exciting to be involved in the strategic direction for Bicycle Network, and to lead the Behaviour Change team into new ground and to further develop our programs.


What’s the most unexpected part of the job?

The most unexpected part of the job is the challenge of knowing which avenues and opportunities will positively contribute to our goals and objectives.

What’s also unexpected, as a general manager, are the day-to-day questions to be answered and decisions to be made that I don’t see coming. While we have clear goals, and strategies for achieving those goals, there are always road blocks and exciting opportunities that you can’t anticipate.  


What does behaviour change bring to Bicycle Network?

All our behaviour change programs bring an opportunity for Australians to create lifelong riding habits and include riding as part of everyday life.