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Leadership Team

The Bicycle Network Leadership Team


Craig Richards


Craig leads an amazing team of people who are striving to make the world better. Physical activity is vital for a long, happy life. So Bicycle Network makes bike riding easy for everyone.

As the C.E.O Craig’s role is to provide direction, get the best out of the team and make sure everyone is on track. Craig says the title means nothing unless he inspires the team to do things they didn’t think they could.

Craig sums up how he feels about his job with this quote, ‘To love what you do and feel that it matters, how can anything else be more fun.’



Darren Allen,

General Manager, Events

Darren Allen has been in the Bicycle Network events team since 2011 and General Manager since early 2014.

He was part of the management team that transformed Peaks Challenge into a world class event, the development of Ride the Night and his involvement on the 5000+ riders on the 2013 RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride showcased his ability to be promoted to General Manager.

His passion and inspiration come from making things better, whether it’s a house renovation, a riding event or developing the best in a team member, his most obvious trait is drive and commitment for improvement.

Developing the Bicycle Network events calendar is Darren’s biggest challenge, keeping Bicycle Network existing events as industry leaders as well as being across the next big thing definitely keeps him busy.

Even though he is usually flat out busy, he still loves a cup of tea with the workshop boys and is always up for a chat with a rider on the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride.

Tess Allaway,

General Manager, Behaviour Change

Tess heads up the Behaviour Change team, developing and managing programs such as Ride2Work, Ride2School, the Happiness Cycle and Parkiteer. Tess is passionate about seeing positive results from the various groups she works with – from helping teenagers build and ride their first bike, to introducing adults to the pleasures and health benefits from regular rides to work.

Tess joined the Bicycle Network team in 2011, and has successfully led two teams in her time – People and Culture and now Behaviour Change. Tess came to Bicycle Network with experience in the non profit sector, after spending five years running international exchange student programs for Australian teenagers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and is halfway through a Masters in Business Management.

She first got to know Bicycle Network in 1999, when she completed the Great Victorian Bike Ride with her school. The most memorable and challenging experience was climbing and descending the Black Spur in torrential rain.

Tess now has two bikes in her garage and chooses which one to ride depending on the occasion – a carbon pink road bike to take the Beach Rd route into the city each day for work, or a much heavier blue ladies step-through bike (with a basket) for shopping trips and exploring Melbourne at a slower pace.


Melissa Heagney

General Manager, Communications

Melissa Heagney is Bicycle Network’s General Manager of Communications which involves a lot of talking, writing, website-ing, tweeting and Facebooking. Her role also involves editing Australia’s most widely read bike magazine Ride On.

She works with an amazing and talented Communications Team to give Bicycle Network (and bike riders) a voice in the media and the wider community.

Melissa joined Bicycle Network in 2013 after some very diverse jobs. For more than a decade she worked in newspapers and magazines as a journalist, senior journalist and news editor before moving to Victoria Police where she worked as a Media Advisor. She has also worked in the media teams of Cancer Council Victoria the Heart Foundation (Victoria).

Through these roles Melissa has learned many valuable life lessons including how important being physically active is, and, there is no such thing as the perfect crime.

Melissa is passionate about two things; 1. Spreading the message about how being physically active can prevent diseases like cancer, and, 2. Music – particularly live music at festivals. She once visited Parkes for the Elvis Festival which still remains her favourite ever music festival.

She is a recreational rider who likes to discover her local area by bike.


Liz Joiner

General Manager, People and Culture

Liz Joiner heads up the People and Culture Team at Bicycle Network. This involves a range of activities including organisational development, recruitment, training and development of team members, and monitoring and steering the culture, so Bicycle Network continues to be a great place to work.

Through her work, Liz has developed a particular interest in developing people and understanding motivation and culture. What gets Liz out of bed in the morning, is the opportunity to support and coach team members to become great at what they do. She’s inspired by seeing people develop, contribute to the Bicycle Network culture, and the hard work the team put in, toward achieving what Bicycle Network are out to do: making bike riding a part of every day.

Liz has completed a Bachelor of Social Science/Psychology and has worked at Bicycle Network since 2011. Liz is passionate about health, and also happens to love bike riding, having now gone from commuting, to road riding and racing, and now starting to dabble in mountain biking. She’s a huge advocate in communicating the importance of physical activity, and its positive impact on leading a happy, healthy life.


Renaldo Tomasiello

General Manager, Finance

Renaldo heads up the Finance Team at Bicycle Network. His role is to manage the integrity of the Bicycle Network finances and help maintain controls and safeguard the cash flow of the organisation. With the help of the Finance team, Renaldo is able to provide value and support to the rest of the organisation by having Payroll, Budgeting and Forecasting, Risk, Compliance and Governance systems in place.

Renaldo has completed his Bachelor of Business in Accounting and achieved his CPA qualification back in 2001. Post graduate studies have seen Renaldo qualify for his Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He is nearing his MBA completion also.  Renaldo has a wealth of experience in the Not for Profit sector and has been with Bicycle Network since May 2012.

In his time away from the office Renaldo is a passionate footy fan as well as a keen golfer. Although not as fanatical as some, Renaldo still loves to jump on his bike during the Spring/Summer time in an effort to keep his body in shape. Spending time with family and friends are also high on his priorities. He loves all things Italian and certainly food is one of them.


Daniel Punch

General Manager, Marketing

As head of marketing for Bicycle Network, Daniel oversees the membership, marketing, and rider services teams, ensuring that all our members and friends are kept up to date on our events and member services. Daniel is passionate about growing awareness of the Bicycle Network brand and promoting all the benefits of Bicycle Network membership to riders across the country.

Prior to joining Bicycle Network in 2013, Daniel gained over 15 years’ experience in marketing and sales management roles in publically listed companies across a diverse range of sectors including hospitality, automotive and educational publishing. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Management and an Executive MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Outside of work Daniel is passionate about enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle and can usually be found out and about in his local area either riding his hybrid bike, walking his two pet Schnauzers, or playing at the park with his young family.


Chris Carpenter

General Manager, Government and External Relations

Chris Carpenter heads up our Government and External Relations Team.  His team works closely with our external stakeholders and government leaders to develop a transport system that makes bike riding easy for everyone.

Chris is focused on highlighting the benefits of cycling to those outside Bicycle Network – such as its importance in promoting an active life and the associated preventative health benefits, as well as the impact cycling has in alleviating infrastructure bottlenecks across our economy.

Chris came to Bicycle Network following significant experience working across the Federal Government with senior Government Ministers across transport, health and regional development policy.  Prior to this he worked in the development of economic and industry policy for Victorian businesses as well as volunteering on a number of boards assisting with advocacy and policy development.  He has completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in economics and law and started at Bicycle Network in 2014.

Chris is an enthusiastic Hawks supporter, a lover of basketball and golf.  He enjoys spending weekends watching Seinfeld reruns.


Sarah Morrison

Head of Strategic Planning

Sarah completed a Bachelor of Communications at Griffith University, Brisbane in 2004. She joined the Bicycle Network team in 2009 as a Marketing Coordinator, progressing into the team Manager and has since moved into the Leadership Team in a newly created role as Head of Strategic Planning.

Sarah is responsible for getting the organisation’s key initiatives up and going. She’s busy helping the team to think beyond today, and work towards the tomorrow. Her natural state is motivating. Her passionate drive for change is infectious; you can’t help but get behind whatever it is she is working on.

Sarah loves the variety in her role. She gets to be involved in all aspects of the organization, working with all teams on small and big-picture projects. Always up for the challenge, willing to wear her heart on her sleeve, passionate for success and a lot of fun.

From driving a 3-tonne truck around the Victorian Alps, to meeting with stakeholders from across the country in sharing ideas to get more people riding, she certainly likes to get in and get her hands dirty.

When Sarah first started at Bicycle Network, she didn’t own a bike. But over time, her team mates got her on-board by riding with her to work, and commutes weekly and rides recreationally on Sundays.


  Gemma McCrohan

  Acting General Manager, Behaviour Change

Gemma is committed and motivated by the purpose of the behaviour change team, and reaps great reward from the positive impact these programs have on peoples’ health and welling being. The team includes several programs such as Ride2Work, Ride2School, Parkiteer, and The Happiness Cycle – all of which exist to inspire and support Australian’s to jump on their bikes and ride more often.

Gemma joined the Bicycle Network team in 2013 and has experienced rapid development in that time. Starting out in The Happiness Cycle team, she quickly moved to lead the program and deliver a successful first year. From there she saw an opportunity for further development and took on the Behaviour Change General Manager position. Gemma came to Bicycle Network after several years travelling the world and refining her skills in both event management and health consultancy. She has enjoyed managing elements of many large scale events such as the London and Vancouver Olympics, and closer to home the popular White Night Melbourne. She has a Bachelor of Human Movement in Exercise Science and Sports Management.

Outside the office Gemma enjoys discovering great new restaurants or cafes around Victoria, and to clear the mind she’s a keen swimmer who enjoys a few laps before or after work. Recently a home owner, she’s always keeping busy with gardening and DIY projects around the house.