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Fashionable and functional clothing and accessories for the urban cyclist. Includes international and local brands, many exclusive to CycleStyle.

Clothing and accessories.


Some of the brands that we stock include Ass Savers (Sweden), Banjo Brothers (USA), Basil (Netherlands), Bike Belle (Poland), Bikerax (Australia), Bird Industries (USA), Bookman (Sweden), Carradice (UK), Click Industrial Design (UK), Fast Rider (Netherlands), Genki (Australia), GiveLoveCycle (USA), Hannmaid (Australia), HappyRainyDays (Netherlands), Henty Designs (Australia), InterLock (Canada), Iva Jean (USA), Kitsch Kitchen (Netherlands), Lekker Bikes (Australia), Linus Bike (USA), LoveHate (Australia), Monkeysee (Australia), Nutcase Helmets (USA), Oopsmark (Canada), Ortre (Hong Kong), Po Campo (USA), RAINS (Denmark), Rainwrap (USA), Rayncape (Australia), RockiNoggins (USA), Sogreni (Denmark), Stuffitts (USA), Trent Jansen (Australia), Twowheelcool (Australia), Walnut Studiolo (USA), and Wet and Wendy (Australia).