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Tandem Bikes Victoria


Tandem Bike Victoria is an organisation that has been established by a group of blind/vision impaired persons to provide opportunities for blind/vision impaired people to take part in cycling and tandem bike events and experience the thrill of bicycle riding. Tandem Bike Victoria maintains a list of volunteers to pilot tandem bikes for blind and vision impaired cyclists and can assist with matching up pilots with cyclists. However, this does rely on the availability of pilots for the particular event or ride. We may be able to asset the cyclist concerned with a pilot but we would need to know his name and contact details such as his email address and mobile phone number. Tandem Bike Victoria is affiliated with Blind Sports Victoria. Tandem Bike Victoria is a not for profit organisation and is a registered business name with ASIC. ABN 37 668 762063 Tandem Bike Victoria has a website (Google search Tandem Bike Victoria)


Where: VIC, Australia

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