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Community Ride

These are rides organised by individuals, small organisations and user groups. They are informal and generally free of charge. They range from beginners' rides to challenge rides for athletes. New people are very welcome!

Bicycle Event

These events include formal events run by a commercial operator or other group, which involve fees and/or entry forms. There will generally be 50 or more entrants in these events.

Club or Bicycle User Group (BUG)

Looking for some like minded people to ride with, talk about bicycles or help develop bicycling in your community? This section will help you to find your local cycling club or bicycle user group.

Bicycle Shop

Find the right specialist bike store for you. Looking close by, searching by brand, or locating an accredited store that offers GE Money interest free finance - it's all here.

Bicycle Retail Network Bikes Going Fast

Bike shops in the Bicycle Retail Network can list specials to members, friends and visitors of this website.